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The Birdcage is a discussion forum for polyamorous people living in New York State. It is set up as a resource for all those practicing or interested in the relationship style known as polyamory or "poly" to find advice and meet others. The "main page" for the forum is located at http://www.thebirdcage.org/ If you wish to join the community we recommend you read the information in this Wiki (especially the Membership Requirements and the Code of Conduct linked below) and then go over to http://forum.thebirdcage.org/ and hit the "Register" button and sign up!

This Wiki serves as a collection point for documentation about the forum.

Starting Points

We recommend the following documents to get you started to understand what the Birdcage is about:

Polyamory resources

We also provide listings of resources that we have found helpful:

  • Local Polyamory Groups - A list of all known online polyamory groups in New York State, active or not. Most require some sort of membership.
  • Online Polyamory Resources - Hand-selected by member of the Birdcage, these are resources that we feel are valuable for people trying to educate themselves as to what Polyamory or Polyfidelity is, and to get some great tips on "how to do it".
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