Membership Application Process

To Apply to join the Forum, a person needs to do the following:

Sign-up to the Forum

This involves the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Forum
  • Click on the "Register an Account" link
  • Fill in the form that is provided
  • Read and agree to the Terms of Use
  • Submit the form

Initial Check

Moderators will receive a notification that a new person wishes to join the Forum. Moderators will check this request against the list of banned users and, providing they do not appear, approve the person to become a New Member.

Initial Introductions

A New Member gaining access to the New Member board will find a thread with information regarding the requirements to become a Full Member, including instructions for introductions.

A New Member must provide this introduction in a new thread, using his or her username as the title of the thread, to provide requested information.

Moderators will review the posted introduction of a New Member to determine if the Membership Requirements are met. Full Members are encouraged to review New Member introductions, respond to New Members and offer input or insight.

Membership approval

Once Full Membership eligibility is determined, the Moderators make the New Member a Full Member and move their introductory post to the Introductions board - this removes it from the view of incoming New Members.

If the application is incomplete or ineligible, the Moderators will move the thread into the "Unaccepted Applications" board in the Moderator area of the Forum.

Timing out of applications

After 30 days between the initial application being approved without an introductory post being made, the application will time out. Applicants are more than welcome to apply again in good standing, however.

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