Membership Requirements

Membership Criteria

Someone wishing to join the Birdcage forum must meet the following criteria:

  • Be either actively involved in, or have an interest in the polyamorous relationship style, or one of its variants
  • Live in, or have a strong connection to, New York State (though the group hopes to grow beyond the borders eventually)

Regarding the Swinging Lifestyle

We do distinguish between swinging, non-monogamy where s*x is the primary focus and relationships are discouraged or forbidden by agreement and polyamory, non-monogamy where relationships are the primary focus. While we recognize that both are forms of responsible non-monogamy, this forum does not provide resources for those interested in pursuing the Swing lifestyle. That having been said, all who have an interest in polyamory are more than welcome.

Regarding Relationship Secrecy/Discretion a.k.a. Cheating

Polyamory is described as responsible non-monogamy, with the understanding that all involved are knowledgeable of, and in agreement with, the relationships being pursued. This forum does not provide resource for those looking for secret/discrete rendezvous or relationships and they will most likely find that it is not a welcoming board for such visitors.

Maintaining an active membership

While we recognize that not every will want to be active posters on the forum, we do expect that members at least check in to read about our activity. We require that members log in at least once every 6 months (180 days) in order to remain a member of the forum.

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