Member Role: Moderator

Moderators have as their duty to help the day-to-day running of the forum, including memberships, and the forum content. They are elected by the Forum Membership (see Moderator Elections)

They have the following duties:

In Agreement with Other Moderators

  • Approving New Member applications. (Disallowing anybody who is obviously abusing the system, or who is on the ban list)
  • Remove or edit a post that blatantly violates forum guidelines
  • Remove a new membership application or a Full Member from the forum if and when it is discovered that they have in the past been banned from the forum.
  • Warn a member that they have violated the forum Code of Conduct
  • Create sticky threads with important announcements about the forum

After discussion with the Membership

  • Create a new board
  • Change the descriptive text on a board
  • Close/lock a thread
  • Move a thread between boards
  • Split a thread into two when a separate discussion has emerged in that thread
  • Turning a New Member into a Full Member, after the introductory process is complete. The introduction forum post is moved to the Introductions forum.
  • Change an existing post to make it an announcement via email to all the membership
  • Remove and ban a member that has violated the Code of Conduct
  • "Sticky" a thread.
  • Facilitate the process of decision-making on forum policies.


  • They may vote in Moderator elections, their vote counting as a Full Member.
  • They have access to certain administration areas of the forum, in particular being able to see enough information about users to prevent abuse.

This is an elected office and every six months they will resign and a new election will take place.

They must also conform to the Moderator Code of Conduct.

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