Moderator Code Of Conduct

The Moderator Code of Conduct applies to anyone in the role of Moderator on the Birdcage forum. It is in addition to the Code of Conduct for Full Members.

  • Moderators, as part of their duties, will have access to more information about Members. This information is to be kept strictly confidential, during and after their term as moderator.
  • Moderators are expected to take part in any discussions on the Moderator-only Forum.
  • Complaints received about a Member should be noted in the appropriate place in the Moderator-only Forum.
  • Removals/bans of users should be noted in the appropriate place in the Moderator-only forum.
  • Moderators should not use their position in order to influence any discussions on the Forum and should act as Full Members in their postings. Their voice has no more weight about Forum decisions than other Members.
  • Moderators should only delete postings from other users after discussion and agreement with other Moderators on the Moderator Board. This should only be done in extreme circumstances.
  • Moderators will edit any inappropriate language on the forums. Any edits will be noted in the post with the reason why and the name of the person performing the edit.

Any Moderator found to be violating this code of conduct are liable to having their Moderator privileges revoked by the Owner and their membership status reviewed.

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