Moderator Elections

The Forum shall initially have three active moderators. As their purpose is to serve the Members of the board, this is not a permanent position.

At least every six months, a Moderator Election shall be held to determine the new moderators. The election procedure is as follows:

  • A new thread shall be started called "Request for Moderators". A notification shall be sent to all Members that this has been done.
  • People who would be willing to be considered to be Moderator should post to this thread, indicating their interest and, if desired, speak about why they would like to be Moderator (not mandatory).
  • This thread shall stay open for two weeks, after which it shall be locked.
  • Any interested Full Members should submit their votes for the nominated moderators via Private Message to the Owner over a period of two weeks. For each person nominated, they should vote "yes", "no" or "don't care".
  • The Owner shall tally the votes, scoring +1 for each "yes", -1 for each "no" and no change for each "don't care". Not voting for someone counts as a "don't care". Anybody with a zero or negative score is eliminated at this point. The owner then publishes the names of the people with the highest scores, up to the number of required moderators. It shall not be published who voted for whom. If not enough people achieve a positive score, then there will be less than the desired number of moderators for that term.
  • The previous Moderators shall return to Full Member status and the newly-elected Moderators shall be given the privileges required to do their jobs.

"Campaigning" or discussions of the relative merits of moderator candidates shall not take place on the forum, since this could create partisanship and bad feelings.

Special Elections

Should a Moderator decide to step down, a Special Election will be held for that one position. All other details shall be the same.

Change in number of moderators

The number of moderators can be adjusted based on the workload experienced by the moderators.

Example Scoring

Let's say that we have a requirement for 3 moderators. Members A, B, C, and D have volunteered their services. Voting is as follows from the members:

Voter A B C D
A votes: "Yes" "Don't Care" "Yes" "Yes"
B votes: "Yes" "Yes" "No" "No"
C votes: "Don't Care" "No" "Yes" "No"
D votes: "Yes" "Yes" "No" "Yes"
E votes: "Yes" "Yes" "No" "No"
F votes: "Yes" "Don't Care" "No" "Yes"

So when the owner tallies the results, we get the following

Candidate Score Notes
A 5
B 2
C -2 Eliminated due to non-positive score
D 0 Eliminated due to non-positive score

So therefore, the owner would make an announcement saying that A and B had been elected as the new Moderators (because even though three were required, only two candidates got enough positive support, balanced by the negative support to be under consideration).

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