Online Polyamory Resources

We'd like to provide you some further reading material here. Web sites or specific articles that the Birdcage members have found useful. If you have a suggestion for an article and are a Birdcage member (and if not, why not? ;-) ) please post a link in the forums and the document administrators will get it added.

General Poly Websites

Other Poly forums

Non-local polyamory forums:

  • Polyamory.Com - a forum-based polyamory community that aims to be worldwide in scope.

Poly Blogs

Other sites on responsible non-monogamy

Not specifically poly, but articles about opening up marriages.

  • Opening Up - Tristan Taormino's site about creating and sustaining open relationships.

Video Resources

  • Family - A Web TV series about a poly triad living in the Northwest USA.

Dating Sites

Poly, or poly-friendly dating sites.

  • OKCupid - General dating site that has a relationship status as "available" which means "in a relationship but looking for others. This, plus various other features, makes it quite poly-friendly. Free membership.
  • PMM - PolyMatchMaker - Dating site specific to polyamorous relationships. Basic (free) and Premium (fee) memberships available.


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