Member Role: Owner

The Owner is the person who, on paper, owns the Birdcage forum and this Wiki. They are the person who has the domain registered in their name, and provide a technical support resource for the forum.

They have no extra policy-making standing over any Full Member. They may, if elected, serve as Moderators.

They assume whatever costs are associated with the running of the forum or Wiki, and are, if required, responsible for recouping those costs from the membership.

Note that the owner has full access to all data associated with the forum, except for clear-text password information. This includes any private messages that are exchanged. (This is necessary for back-up purposes.)

Owner Duties

The duties of the forum owner tend to deal with the technical aspects of the forum.

  • Establish and maintaining the domain name and hosting for the site
  • Bear whatever costs are incurred in running the site (organizing contributions if necessary from the members)
  • Deal with technical issues with the hosting of the site, including email notifications
  • Update the forum to the latest version of forum software
  • Perform and maintain backups of the forum
  • Make any necessary changes to "behind the scenes" files for the forum
  • Manage storage space to make sure it stay in line with allocations
  • Inform Members and/or Moderators, as appropriate, of any changes in functionality
  • Run the elections for new moderators, tallying votes, announcing the result, and organizing run-offs as necessary.
  • Demote moderator if they have been found to be abusing their position
  • Establishing new moderator rights for new moderators
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